A Speculative Interpretation of a Mediaeval Mystery – the Green Children of Woolpit


by Duncan Lunan



With illustrations including sixteen original drawings and paintings by Sydney Jordan.



In the late 12th century, two very strange children came out of an ancient earthwork at the vill­age of Woolpit in East Anglia.   The incident is recorded, from different view­points, by two chroniclers both regard­ed as reliable.   The children wore clothing of a colour and mater­ial never seen before, spoke a language nobody recognised, and were coloured green all over.   Later, when they had learned ‘our manner of speaking’, and lost their green colour, they gave an account of their homeland which definitely was no place on Earth.


Most historians since have regarded the incident as a fairy story, but in the 17th cent­ury Robert Burton included it in the astronomy section of The Anatomy of Mel­an­choly, suggest­ing that the children came from another world.   Could it be true?   After years of research, Duncan Lunan tackles the question under three headings.


Part 1 – History and Mystery.   Locates the places named in the green children story and traces the people, who turn out to be real, though mysterious, and very highly connected.   The incident at Woolpit was one of a series of events at linked sites and seems to have been anticipated by the authorities of the time.


Part 2 – Enter the Green Children.   Establishes the likely arrival date of the green child­ren, and the likely identity of the green girl, who survived into adult life.   Duncan Lunan traces her story to the likely date of her death, and her descendants to the present day, while exploring the continuing series of events relating to her ‘arrival’, including some strange things happening in the sky at the same time.


Part 3 – Speculation.   Duncan Lunan advances an imaginative scenario to account for the green children and the related events.   The main scen­ario suggests that in mediaeval times there might have been mass abductions from Earth, by extraterr­estrials, for experimental purposes, with the knowledge if not the agreement of the authorities – if it was true, as Lunan suggests, “The X-Files are set in the wrong century.”





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